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Court Involvement In The Texas Probate Process

In Texas, two types of administrations have different court involvements. At Doehring & Doehring, we can help you decide which administration is right for you, and consider the other legal needs you may have with your estate planning.

Our team of attorneys can also discuss muniment of title with you — which allows the transfer of property to your beneficiaries and bypasses estate administration. This requires a valid written will and you cannot have any debts other than a mortgage. This is called “probating a will as a muniment of title” and can be a smart option for clients.

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Dependent Administration

A dependent administration involves more probate court supervision and is often more expensive and time-consuming. The chosen administrator has more to do, but it may be necessary when there are feuds between the heirs, or extra court supervision is needed. The Texas courts will oversee every part of the estate’s administration if you choose this option.

Independent Administration

Choosing an independent administration for your estate requires your will to state there is no action in the probate courts while settling the estate. Probate will, however, come into the process during the probating and recording of the will. It also is required during inventory or appraisement of your estate and the list of claims found on your estate.

You may also have an independent administration if all the beneficiaries agree to it when the deceased person did not put this in their will. The process can be quick with just one court hearing and filing of the inventory.

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