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Make Amendments To Your Existing Estate Plan

When you work with the team of lawyers at Doehring & Doehring, we can help with a range of new legal documents or changing current materials to suit your best interests. With dependable client services and skilled legal help, we can advise you on why amending your estate plan is an essential move for you.

We advise clients to review their estate plan every three to five years for accuracy or if they have recently faced a significant life change. This can affect your will, estate plan, revocable living trust, and durable or health care powers of attorney. It can also impact your life insurance, plan for retirement and your business.

Why Amend Your Estate Plan | Common Changes

Typical reasons for reviewing and updating your estate planning documents include marriage or divorce or a relationship entering domestic partnership or common law marriage. As children come into your family, you may want to consider the guardian you have chosen for them in the event you are incapable of their care. A new baby or adoption, or wishing to disinherit a spouse or child, will also require legal amendments to your previous plan.

Choosing to leave money to a charity, adding a beneficiary, having a blended family, moving to a new state, or having a loved one with special needs can have substantial impacts on your planning for the future. We can work with complex family and financial situations to help benefit you — whether that means adding trustees, powers of attorney or merely changing your living will.

We Can Help You Create A Personalized Estate Plan

When you work with us, you will always receive the individualized help that suits your specific needs. Our estate planning knowledge and years of experience can tackle even the most complex situations. Call our Houston, Texas, firm to schedule a complimentary initial consultation and discuss your legal needs. Call today at 866-456-2361 or contact us by using our online form.