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Trusted Representation For Estate Litigation And Will Contests

The legal team of Doehring & Doehring combines nearly 50 years of estate litigation experience. We know contesting wills, guardianships and powers of attorney often lead to probate court — and we understand the emotional issues and complex legal matters that may come up.

Litigation among family members can be costly, both personally and financially. Our team of lawyers will problem-solve to help you make effective decisions based on your best interests.

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When Would There Be An Estate Contest?

Estate contests can take many forms, such as when a family member questions the need for a guardianship. It can also occur if the guardian selected is under dispute. You may find that an estate contest becomes an issue if allegations are levied over a breach of fiduciary duty and conflicts over a trust. Will contests can often occur over a family member feeling excluded.

How An Estate Planning Lawyer Can Help

When meeting with a new client, we will help identify their specific needs and concerns. We will look at what strategies can provide a successful outcome and if it is cost-effective to pursue litigation when money from an estate is used for legal fees. Together we will regard if a dispute over a will or guardian has merit.

At Doehring & Doehring, we will help you balance the risk versus the reward. Disputing an estate is a gamble — we are candid and upfront regarding the best options for you. We may encourage you to consider pursuing or avoiding litigation. By focusing on your best interests, we will never advise you on strategies that are potentially damaging.

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