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How To Choose A Power Of Attorney

Making the right choice for your power of attorney, or the person allowed to make legal decisions for you if you are ever incapable, needs careful and thoughtful consideration. The person you select will be in charge of your finances and legal affairs — which can have a negative impact if they are unqualified to handle these decisions. The law firm of Doehring & Doehring can help you with how to choose a power of attorney that best suits your needs.

You should carefully select someone who has the necessary qualities to make smart choices for you and your estate plan. Ideal characteristics include being trustworthy, sharing your same values, being responsible, paying close attention to details, commitment to taking the role seriously, and the ability to collaborate. Your power of attorney choice will likely need to collaborate with lawyers, accountants, business owners and partners, and many other parties that are related to your affairs.

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Your Power Of Attorney Choice Needs To Understand Their Role

It is essential the person you choose understand finances and making wise financial decisions. We also recommend selecting a power of attorney with knowledge of business and your specific business interests.

At Doehring & Doehring, we can help you select the right power of attorney to act in your best financial and legal interest. We can help answer questions you may have or mediate the conversation between you and the person you are considering. By reviewing your assets and future with a legal mindset, we can assist you with fully understanding the scope of your needs — and the right person for the job.

Questions About Choosing Your Power Of Attorney?

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