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Helping You Serve As A Personal Representative

Being named as a personal representative of a loved one’s estate is a complex responsibility that can quickly overwhelm many people. From the inventory of assets and property to dealing with taxes and paying off debts, serving as a personal representative is a challenging job. Further, you can be held personally responsible for any mistakes that you make. You can find yourself being sued for even honest mistakes.

This makes it especially important that if you have been asked to serve as a personal representative, you have the legal guidance you can trust to help you fulfill your obligations and avoid problems.

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Have You Been Accused Of Wrongdoing As A Personal Representative?

If you have been accused of wrongdoing, you may be facing personal liability for a substantial sum. You need a strong defense that can present a clear and compelling case showing you efficiently carried out your duties — and that you did nothing outside of the scope of what you were required to do. Our firm has decades of combined experience that can help us build the defense you need against probate litigation and the potential for fiduciary liability.

50 Years Of Combined Experience Guiding People Through The Probate And Estate Administration Processes

At Doehring & Doehring, we are committed to helping people serve as personal representatives and to providing the defense people need to protect themselves against any litigation that may arise. Our experience gives us the depth of knowledge and experience to be able to guide and defend our clients. In addition to providing counsel to personal representatives and defense to those facing litigation, we can also assist with related issues such as becoming and serving as a guardian for a minor child or incapacitated person.

Probate And Estate Administration Help For West Houston

We can help you effectively navigate your responsibilities as a personal representative. Turn to Doehring & Doehring for the experienced probate and estate administration help you need. To schedule a complimentary consultation with our lawyers, call 866-456-2361 or contact us online.