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Is A Revocable Living Trust Right For You?

Ensuring how your property and assets are managed during your lifetime and after death are essential discussions that can be difficult to have. By creating a living trust, you are preserving your wishes going forward in an irrefutable legal manner.

Our team of attorneys at Doehring & Doehring can help ensure that a living trust is done correctly and will not face issues after the creator has passed. A revocable living trust explicitly allows you access to change or revoke the trust during your lifetime. This can be useful as families and needs change over time.

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Common Reasons To Change A Living Trust

Life is unexpected — as happy or unfortunate circumstances occur, so will the actionable items of your trust. When you create a revocable living trust, you can change the terms of the trust document at any time and for any reason.

Often clients get married or divorced, have children, add substantial assets, face a disability or medical diagnosis, or simply change their minds. A lawyer can help you make the needed amendments to your living trust — once the trust creator passes away, the trust is no longer allowed to be changed.

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We will always work with you to discover and plan for your specific needs. We can also recommend other relevant estate planning documents your future may need. Together, we will accomplish your goals for the future.

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