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Your estate plan in a blended family

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2019 | Estate Planning |

If you are preparing to get remarried after having previously been divorced or widowed, you are likely faced with many decisions not just about your wedding but about how you and your new spouse plan to merge your lives. Texas residents who get married for the second or subsequent times are generally more established in their personal and professional lives. This can warrant unique needs when getting remarried.

Estate planning is one activity that takes on a new level of importance for remarried couples, especially if one or both partners has children from a prior marriage or relationship. As explained by CNBC, dying without a plan in place leaves the door open for your children to end up without anything you had originally planned for them to receive. Unless you have a prenuptial agreement that states otherwise, your surviving spouse may end up inheriting most things with no legal requirement that they share anything with your children.

Many people in remarriage situations find that establishing a plan and communicating that to their extended families ahead of time can help allay many concerns and facilitate better integration and bonding of new stepfamily relationships. This makes estate planning a positive force in your new marriage.

If you would like to learn more the importance of a strong estate plan for you, your new spouse and your family, and tips on how to get started creating a good plan for your needs, please feel free to visit the blended family’s guide to estate planning page of our Texas estate planning website.