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Do I have the right to a jury when contesting an estate?

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2024 | Probate Administration |

Most people know that in the criminal justice system, there is a right defendants have to choose to have a jury of their peers decide their case. This right to a jury is also available in the civil system.

When someone challenges the distribution of assets within an estate, the right to a jury trial becomes a powerful tool for seeking a fair resolution.

Power of citizens

Having the right to a jury trial means individuals contesting an estate have the opportunity to present their case directly to a jury of people who are just like them. This concept is a reflection of the community’s belief in the power of ordinary citizens. It is a validation of the belief that justice should emerge from the collective wisdom of the people.

Diverse decision

A diverse jury ensures various perspectives. It helps reduce the likelihood of biased judgments since there are multiple people hearing the case and making the decision. These jurors bring their own experiences and understandings to the situation, which can lend new insight into the matter.

Transparency and fairness

The emphasis of a jury is not just on upholding the letter of the law but on embodying the principles of fairness and equity. The direct engagement of people from within the community allows for a more transparent and participatory legal process.

The right to a jury trial when contesting an estate in Texas provides an option that reflects many of the legal system’s important values. It gives the people a change to uphold the principles of fairness and equity, ensuring that justice prevails.