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What are some signs someone may not work as your executor?

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2023 | Estate Planning |

Writing your will is a big step when you are thinking of how to prepare for the future. One part of this journey is deciding who would work best as your executor.

When choosing between different people in your life, such as family members and friends, thinking about the reasons why a person may not work well in this role can help you make the final choice.

Impatient or easily angered

According to Kiplinger, someone who may not fit this job is a person who cannot control their temper or tends to increase the intensity of an argument. Finding an executor who is willing to work peacefully with beneficiaries and stay focused on the will is key.

This means this person should not have any biases toward one party or another, such as wanting to side with a particular beneficiary in an argument because they dislike the other person.

Too busy

When someone feels overwhelmed by work and taking care of their family, they may not be able to devote the energy they need to being an executor. If you find it hard to talk with them privately or if they do not express interest in the role, this arrangement may not work out well in the long term.

Disagreeing with you constantly

Although someone may have a variety of skills that show they could be an intelligent and hard-working executor, if they disagree with your final wishes it could leave them in an awkward position. Discussing what you want from them and the relevant parts of your will can help them decide.

Being upfront and honest can help you find the best person possible for the role of executor of your estate.