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What are the benefits of having powers of attorney?

On Behalf of | May 29, 2023 | Estate Administration |

An important part of your estate plan is determining who will assume the role of power of attorney. These individuals will act on your behalf to make decisions when you suffer incapacitation.

You will want to rely on people who know you well and have familiarity with what you want. Communicating with them while you can will help them to meet your expectations when you need them most.

Avoid family discord

If you suffer a life-altering injury or disability, your family might disagree over the treatment you would want unless you have left instructions. Naming a power of attorney allows you to give this responsibility to one or a couple of trusted individuals. You can communicate your expectations to them and have them sign a formal legal document proving the validity of the agreement.

Having someone in charge may encourage your family to work together and rally around the individual who will act on your behalf. Everyone can have confidence that the decisions made about you mirror the wishes you made at a previous time.

Maintain some control

Life-altering injuries or even rapid aging can cause you to feel like you have lost control. The people closest to you might also feel this way. A power of attorney can help you maintain some control over what happens to you and the assets you have worked hard to accumulate. According to U.S. News, experts recommend carefully storing powers of attorney documentation and using caution about sharing the information.

The time you take right now to determine powers of attorney can make a considerable difference in your comfort and peace of mind later.