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4 reasons to seek guardianship of a minor

On Behalf of | May 20, 2023 | Estate Planning |

Loving individuals care for others as much as themselves. They do everything possible so everyone they know remains healthy and happy. Children demand particular attention because of their vulnerability.

Sometimes, intervention is imperative to make sure a minor thrives. There are many reasons why a relative or family friend may seek guardianship of a young person.

Reason #1: The birth parents are no longer alive

When both the mother and father pass, assigning a guardian becomes mandatory. Ideally, there exists a will that names this individual. Otherwise, a judge must consider petitions for adoption. Absent requests, the youth will wind up in a foster home.

Reason #2: The birth parents have addictions

Another possibility is that a drug or alcohol addiction is creating problems. In extreme situations, a court might decide that guardianship offers the best solution. This arrangement is occasionally temporary, on the condition that the individual attend rehab.

Reason #3: The birth parents are abusive

Sadly, many children witness violence in the home, with potentially devastating effects. Evidence of such behavior can land perpetrators behind bars for years.

Reason #4: The birth parents cannot provide proper care

Other factors, such as mental illness or an inability to pay for necessities, may warrant a change. Those under 18 years old must receive adequate food, shelter and supervision. The family court system makes decisions based on fulfilling these needs.

Society owes children a safe and nurturing space in which to grow. Recognizing when a shift in guardianship makes sense helps reduce the concern.