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Unsettled family conflict can derail an estate plan

While conflict is a natural part of many family units in Texas, there are certain situations when unsolved disagreements can wreak havoc on relationships that could end up causing long-term damage. Estate planning for one is a topic that can be met with angst and hesitation by some family members and is also one that can create ongoing conflict even after the death of the person who created the plan. 

Reducing familial conflict is critical to a person's ability to guarantee that the estate plan he or she has curated will be executed according to the vision that was had while it was being written. According to, three of the largest culprits of family contention, after a person passes away, are the following:

  • Unmet expectations that were unrealistic and misunderstood in the first place. 
  • The drama between certain family members or parties that have created strong opinions about who should receive what.
  • Poor communication that ultimately leaves family members with conflicting information that causes confusion and frustration. 

One of the most important preventative measures that can be taken is for people to be frank with their family members, primarily those who are listed as heirs and beneficiaries, in disclosing each person's role and what can be expected after death happens. AARP suggests that people consider naming an executor who will be responsible for overseeing that an estate plan unfolds as envisioned without too many people taking a position of authority. This leadership designation may help to reduce conflict by entrusting important aspects of the estate and its division to a single person who can be trusted to make responsible and respectful decisions.

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