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What happens to your Facebook account after your death?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2023 | Estate Planning |

For many people, their social media accounts become like personal journals. Others use it for business, and some make it like an online scrapbook where they keep their memories.

Whatever way you use your Facebook account, you may wonder what will happen with it after you die. Facebook has specific policies pertaining to this, so you should understand them to ensure whatever happens follows your wishes.

Passing on the password

One option you have to protect your Facebook account is to give your password to someone else or leave it in your will. Doing this will provide access to the designated person who can then manage the account according to your wishes. The company will not give out passwords, so if you do not leave this information behind, your heirs will have to take different steps.

Memorializing the account

Facebook offers the option to turn the account into a memorial. All your loved ones need to do is alert the platform of your death. Facebook then locks the account to prevent further posting or changes. It stays exactly as you left it.

Choosing a legacy contact

Another option you have is to appoint a legacy contact. This person gains control over your account once you die. He or she can make changes, add friends and do other things to manage the account.

If you are someone who values your Facebook account, you may want to consider including instructions in your will as to what you would like to happen with it after your death.