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How can you find the right long-term care facility?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2023 | Estate Planning |

When planning your estate, you can choose the type of care you may want if you can no longer decide for yourself. Likewise, you can select the type of facility you may want to move to if you require around-the-clock care.

You do not have to wait until something happens to decide on long-term care. Making a decision when you are still healthy can ensure that you receive optimal care.

Consider the cost

Before you choose a long-term care facility, consider your budget. Determine what your insurance may pay, whether you have private insurance or Medicare. You can plan ahead for the cost of long-term care if you know that you will need the care in the future.

Discuss your options with loved ones

Do not leave your family out of your decision. Talk to your loved ones in advance, so they understand your plan. In addition to your friends and family knowing your wishes, they can also give you ideas on where to look for a quality healthcare facility.

Talk to your loved ones about what means the most to you. For example, you may want a care facility that has a religious connection or cares for specific conditions.

One of the benefits of planning for long-term care before you need it is that you have time to visit different homes and take your time deciding which facility suits you the most. Visit different facilities and ensure that they have Medicare certification, have kind staff and cared for residents.