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How do you shop for a long-term care facility?

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2023 | Estate Planning |

Long-term care facilities make up an important part of the estate planning process for many people.

However, it often feels overwhelming to look for one. Where do you even begin? How do you know what facility offers the best option?

Specialized care facilities

The National Institute on Aging discusses long-term care facilities and what to look for. First, note that not every care facility will even have the sort of support you may need.

For example, some care facilities have an emphasis on helping people with memory disorders and illnesses like dementia. Other care facilities focus on physical rehabilitation. Some even exist for people who are still largely healthy and independent but just need a bit of extra help and want a community to stay involved with.

Just because a care facility has excellent reviews and you enjoy it, that does not necessarily mean it has everything you need. Pass over facilities that do not provide your necessary support.

Viewing facilities in person

Next, always visit facilities in person if possible before making a final decision. This lets you see how the day-to-day workings look and it may let you interact with residents, too. There is no better way to get a first-hand view of how people feel about a facility than by talking to those who live there.

Try talking to the nursing director and the director of the facility, too. This is a great way to gauge if their values align with yours and if they have the sort of personalities and drive you want to live with.