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How can you avoid in-fighting while naming one sibling as executor?

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2023 | Probate Administration |

When you choose the executor of your will, you have a lot of factors to consider. Most people choose a close friend or family member because they expect the person to honor their wishes closely. If you want to select one of your children, you must consider how it may affect the family dynamic.

Making your estate plan clear can help avoid future quarrels between your kids.

Talk about your estate plan

Do not leave your kids in the dark about your estate plan. You do not want them to be surprised by your choice of an executor or what you include in your will. Additionally, you want to explain your options when you have a sound mind. When you make yourself clear, there is less room for adult children to argue about what you want.

Be equitable with all siblings

There are many reasons to choose a specific executor of your will. You may have one child with fewer familial obligations or more experience with estate planning. Explain your choice, but do not pick favorites. Try to be equitable with all of the siblings. Be careful not to give one asset to all of the kids. For example, provide only one sibling the family property but make up for it with other assets for the others.

Another way to avoid fighting over assets is to gift your children assets while you are still alive. Gifting not only provides you with tax breaks but also gives you the honor of seeing how your kids respond to the gift. Likewise, it stops adult children from arguing over who would receive the asset after you are gone.