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Why do executors need to know how to diffuse conflict?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2022 | Uncategorized |

Choosing a person close to you for the role of executor of your estate can be a big decision. No matter who you pick, they must prepare for the emotional aspects of this job as well as the legal aspects.

Knowing how to diffuse or stop conflicts between beneficiaries and other people is one helpful trait this person may need to have.

Keeping the focus on the process

According to Kiplinger, the executor is in charge of preparing the estate funds and paying off any debts left from other years. When you choose someone who knows how to interact respectfully with the courts and stay on task, this can help these tasks get done on time.

While a person may have the technical skills needed, being able to politely talk to an official to figure out the solution to a problem is just as important.

Helping beneficiaries

As beneficiaries, close friends or family members of yours are likely prepared to receive assets or heirlooms after you die. If there is an interpersonal conflict between different beneficiaries or they have different ideas about who gets what item, the executor needs to intervene and end the conflict.

Understanding your wishes

When you write your will, you should talk personally with whomever you choose to be your executor. This person should have a good idea of what you want done and why.

If you find it hard to communicate with them or they show signs of not wanting to work with people or give away your personal possessions to people without drama, then it may not be a good fit. Knowing about why diffusing conflict is so essential to the estate planning process can help you during this time.