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3 things your future executor should know

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2022 | Estate Planning |

When you craft your Texas estate plan, you may decide to appoint someone with whom you have a good deal of trust as your executor. The executor is the party who oversees the distribution and management of your estate after your death, so there are a number of key things this person needs to know to do his or her job.

Per AARP, you may make things easier on your executor by giving him or her the following important information.

1. The names of people who need to know when you die

There may be people outside of your family who you want your executor to notify when you die. This list might include the names of certain business contacts or medical or mental health professionals, among others.

2. Passwords and related access information

If your executor is going to pay off debts and manage bills on your behalf, he or she needs to know how to access your accounts in the first place. You may also want to let your executor know how to unlock your cellphone, depending on the circumstances.

3. Where to find your will

Your executor also needs to know where to find a signed copy of your will. If you left it in a file cabinet, a safe deposit box or with your attorney, make sure your executor knows this.

Giving your executor this important information may mean fewer hurdles for the person you name your executor. It may also help your loved ones and other beneficiaries gain access to what you leave behind faster than they might otherwise.