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What should you know about advance directives?

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2022 | Estate Planning |

For the most part, dealing with an estate plan entails planning ahead for a future after your death. But did you know that you can also plan for events that might happen while you are still alive?

An advance directive might be one of the most important documents you ever invest your time in. But exactly what is it for and how can it help you?

The use of advance directives

The National Institute on Aging takes a look at the purpose of advance directives. Imagine a scenario in which you cannot get across the medical care and attention you would prefer. For example, you may have experienced a car crash that left you comatose. You might have suffered from a blow to the head that resulted in traumatic brain injury. Perhaps the incident that rendered you incapable of communication also put you on life support.

Chances are, you have a strong opinion about situations involving your health and wellness. You may want to stay on life support no matter what, or you may have certain situations in which you would prefer for your family to take you off of it. An advance directive is the place for you to put these desires, so that your loved ones will know what to do in the event that you cannot communicate your wishes directly.

Helping your family

This also helps your family out, since it removes a very heavy burden from their shoulders. They no longer have to take responsibility for deciding the fate of your life, since they simply have to follow your written directives instead. It is a good move for everyone involved.