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What is emergency estate planning?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2021 | Estate Planning |

Whether you have an estate plan or not, certain crises necessitate addressing your death. In these moments of intense emotional turmoil or even pain, you may believe you have run out of time to do things properly.

However, there are emergency estate planning services for these situations. You may have a will that needs updating or a directive you want to create. Perhaps you never got to creating that will after your child was born. Regardless, it helps to understand what your options are in these trying times.

What are emergency estate planning services?

Estate planning is all about preparing your loved ones for your death. When creating a plan, you will at the very least draft a will. This document sets out how you want property divided upon your death. A will also dictates guardianship of minor children and appoints an executor for your estate. However, if you become gravely ill or get into an accident without creating or updating your will, the process becomes urgent. Emergency estate planning services may also help create a medical directive, financial power of attorney and other end-of-life wishes.

Will these documents hold up in court?

The execution of estate documents must occur when you are mentally and emotionally fit. If emergency estate planning occurs, will the documents hold up in probate? As long as the witnesses to the documents testify that you had the mental capacity to make these decisions and execute the documents, they should withstand a legal challenge. In some circumstances, a doctor’s letter certifying your ability to make these decisions may support the documents and their legality.

Hopefully, you never have to utilize these concierge estate planning services. However, if you do, you want a firm that will travel to you to expedite these estate services.