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Should you allow your fiduciary to read your will?

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2021 | Fiduciary Representation |

Choosing someone to handle the fiduciary representation of your estate is a serious decision. You have to take your time to choose someone who you fully trust and who can adequately handle the responsibilities.

According to the American Bar Association, fiduciary duties include acting on your behalf and doing things to benefit your estate. Because the person you choose has such large responsibilities, you may want to consider allowing him or her to see your will and other estate documents.

Importance of understanding

It is important that your fiduciary representative understands your wishes. Letting him or her see the will can provide the chance for the person to review your beneficiary designations, distributions and other aspects of the estate that he or she will handle.

Ability to ask you questions

It will also ensure that the person has the chance to clarify anything that may not be clear. He or she can ask you questions and even help you to recognize areas that may need fixing within your documents. You can go over all the details to ensure they are clear and easy to understand and that the representative knows exactly what his or her job duties will be.

Insight for you

Letting the representative review your estate documents also gives you a chance to see how seriously the person is taking the task. You can gain some insight into whether he or she will pay attention to details and be able to handle the overall duties of the job.

You should consider going over your will and other documents with your fiduciary representative to ensure you make the right choice and to prepare him or her for the job.