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Start an estate plan one step at a time

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2020 | Estate Planning |

Texas families often avoid the very critical task of devising an estate plan because they are in the dark about what it means or just simply afraid to think about their own death. However, they can design an effective estate plan by taking things one step at a time.

Taking time to prepare an estate plan means that families have a better chance of successfully handling their affairs. It starts with sitting down, putting goals down on paper and inventorying the assets and the people who need to be provided for in the estate plan. Then, the next step is education about all of the options that are available. Once a family establishes an estate plan, it requires periodic reevaluation because circumstances and life situations may change. In addition, one should communicate the general contours of the estate plan to those who are affected by it without having to disclose the exact assets that are a part of the plan.

An estate plan will likely involve some investment of time and money at the outset. However, it is best to spend some money now and avoid the consequences later on of not having an estate plan. There could be expensive litigation or other estate disputes that cause a family more stress during an already difficult time.

One way to get started on estate planning is by seeking the advice of an attorney. The attorney may explain the various options so that clients can see how this will fit their particular situation. There is no one correct answer when it comes to estate planning, and an attorney may help a family with modeling different scenarios. Estate planning is one area where outside assistance might be crucial in getting the right plan in place.