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Local lawyer’s estate case remains open after 10 years

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2019 | Estate Administration |

The estate administration process is just that: a process. Many in Houston might view it as a singular event, with one’s will being read and their assets dispersed. Yet estate cases are rarely that simple. Oftentimes, they can continue on for months or even years. Sometimes that is due to disputes regarding the disbursement of the estate, yet in many instances, cases are prolonged simply because of the nature of the assets and properties they contain.

Then there may be times when both cases are true. That is what is happening with the estate of a renowned Houston attorney who died in a car accident in 2009. From an outsider’s perspective, his estate case may appear to be fairly simple: he had no children, and all of his assets were left to the charitable foundation he established in the 1980s. Yet at the time of his death, there were cases involving him, his law firm and his other business matters; in the last 10 years, most of those claims have been resolved. His law firm, which no longer practices, remains open to accept settlement payments.

There is also the management of the assets that he left for his estate administrators to deal with, which include the funds that he left to his foundation, real estate holdings and an extensive classic car collection that numbered 868 vehicles at the time of his death. Cases such as this highlight both the need for those involved in the estate planning process to choose their personal representatives wisely, as well as the commitment personal representatives make when assuming such duties. Those who feel as though they need assistance with them may find it in the form of an experienced attorney.