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Innovative application designed to protect seniors from fraud

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2019 | Fiduciary Representation |

As people near retirement age, they often face the excitement and anticipation of having more time to pursue their passions, travel and spend time with family members. However, as people age, they also face the very real risk of being taken advantage of in some way. More often, there are stories on the news of seniors in Texas who have been cheated or lied to because of someone’s fraudulent behavior.

Recently an innovative technology was debuted to the public with the goal to protect the elderly from fraudulent behavior they may be unware of. The technology was created to alert at-risk seniors of potential hazards that could affect their legal protection. Some examples include notifications related to financial security, housing, health care and elder abuse. Users have the option to select between two versions of the program with one providing a bit more detail than the standard option.

When seniors fill out the information and create their profile, the software is designed to accumulate questions related to their individual situation based off of the information they provided previously. With these answers in place, the program generates a report that details potential risks or areas that should be monitored closely. Once hazards are recognized, the hope is that seniors will be able to correct and protect their assets and legal wellbeing before they end up in a situation where their future is compromised.

If people are interested in planning their estate or need assistance with probate, they may benefit from hiring an attorney to help. This decision can provide them with insight and guidance throughout the process of planning for their future.

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