Drafting The Will You Need

A will can be the cornerstone of a comprehensive estate plan. No matter how complex the estate and what other estate-planning tools are being used, a will can help tie together all of the pieces of your estate plan to ensure that your wishes are recognized and your loved ones are provided for.

We utilize a range of estate-planning instruments to help create the tailored approach that everyone deserves, including:

  • Trusts — A trust is a tool that can be used to solve particular problems such as providing for a minor, avoiding excessive taxation or keeping your family's affairs out of the public record.
  • Powers of attorney/advance directivesPowers of attorney allow people to assign the right to make decisions to others. A financial power of attorney can be used to assign the right to make financial choices to someone you trust should you become incapacitated. A Medical Power of Attorney is similar but only for medical decisions and only during periods of incapacity. An advance directive to Physicians, sometimes called a living Will, allows a person to direct his or her Physician as to the specific health care and end of life decisions that have been designated.

A will can be used to tie together an estate plan that is capable of dealing with issues such as:

  • Business succession
  • Investment accounts
  • Substantial real estate holdings

Almost 50 Years Of Combined Experience Crafting Effective Estate Plans

At Doehring & Doehring, our family-run law firm has decades of experience that we rely on to help us build estate plans that meet all of our clients' needs, no matter how complex the estate or the issues that need to be addressed. We are committed to helping our clients make the most informed choices about how their estate plan should be developed. We offer our clients a variety of well-considered estate planning options that can accomplish their goals and provide them with peace of mind that everything is in place to offer the most benefit to the ones they love.

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