Almost 50 Years Of Combined Experience Crafting Effective Estate Plans

At Doehring & Doehring, we recognize that no two estate plans are the same. Each person brings his or her own unique set of goals and needs to the table when an estate plan is being drafted. We get to know our clients to ensure that we are creating the right estate plan for them. Only by getting to know them and their individual circumstances can we offer the estate-planning representation people need. We are committed to crafting estate plans that reflect who our clients are and how they hope to help their loved ones.

We utilize all available estate planning documents, including:

  • Wills — Wills can handle a variety of estate planning goals from the simple to the complex. A will can be the cornerstone of any comprehensive estate plan.
  • Trusts — There are many different types of trusts designed to serve a variety of needs. Trusts are not probated and offer privacy and efficiency that a will does not. Specific trusts can be set up to serve with a will and other estate-planning tools to create a comprehensive estate plan.
  • Powers of attorney/advance directives — Powers of attorneys can allow people to designate who they want to make critical decisions on finances and health care for them if they become incapacitated. Advance directives to physicians can communicate in unambiguous language your wishes regarding future health care in the event you cannot communicate them yourself.

We also offer a focus on asset protection and business succession planning for those with substantial estates, small business ownership and other complex concerns.

Elder Law Planning

As people age, they face a variety of potentially difficult issues that are all easier to face with proper planning. Beyond planning for your estate, effective elder law planning includes preparing for such issues as Medicare eligibility and other issues. Our firm can assist with the full range of questions and issues that you need to prepare for.

Estate Planning Attorneys Serving West Houston And The Surrounding Area

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